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Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle and Problems of Irregular Menstruation

 Menstrual Cycle

         A woman's proper health, both body and mind largely depend on the regularity of her menstrual cycle or we can say regular menstrual cycle decides whether the woman is completely healthy or not. A human female starts their menstruation at the age of around 12-15 years. The beginning of the menstrual cycle is known as menarche.

Let's discuss in brief-

         In nature, the menstrual cycle and menstruation are all about fertility and pregnancy. Ovaries are walnut-shaped and sized structures that are located within the tummy. Each ovary contains a finite number of eggs in a microscopic state, content with little sacs called follicles. In every menstrual cycle or at the monthly cycle if you divide it roughly into 4 weeks, during the first week, as soon as menstruation happens, a few eggs that had been recruited in each ovary-roughly about 5 in each ovary-they started developing and nurturing within those sacs called follicles. Then the follicles start imbibing water and this earth in called antral follicles. So, anyone going for fertility investigation would normally have a scan around this early phase of the period of the cycle, when the antral follicle count is checked. Now, once these eggs within the follicles start maturing, by the end of the first week, so rapidly about day 7 of the cycle, it's decided which egg will automatically go on to have the final maturation and will be released as ovulation. The rest of the eggs by this time, by the end of the first week, start regressing and disappearing. The egg that survives is called a dominant follicle null, and then goes on to mature during the second week of the cycle, and around the end of the secondary, that is around the middle of the cycle, this egg is then released from the ovary into the fallopian tube, where is chance permits command in my travel of the womb into the fallopian tube to fuse with egg in the process called fertilization. If fertilization, however, does not happen, then the sac from which the egg is released which is called a Corpus luteum at this stage, then regresses and disappears because of the lack of hormones. Therefore, the lining of the home also then sheds, resulting in another menstruation and menstrual cycle and the whole cycle repeats itself again.

 Irregular Menstruation- What does it mean? 

         Menstruation is accompanied by abdominal pain and mood swings due to hormonal irregularity. Too much estrogen and progesterone also lead to gaining weight or obesity as these hormones are somewhat responsible for the adipose tissues having more affinity towards fat deposition. Irregular menstruation or absence of menstruation indicates the underlying problems in the hormonal changes in a woman's body which is a matter of concern. The irregular or long absence of the menstrual cycle for about 5-8 months might be an indication of PCOD. The infertility rate in women is increasing day by day and thus the absence of menstruation should always be taken into account and is a matter of concern.

  Problems of irregular menstruation-

      During menstruation if the blood flow is very less or huge and you are facing immense pain in your abdomen then definitely it could be an indication of an underlying problem. These are the very first signs that you will be facing complications in your pregnancy.
If the gap between the menstrual cycle lasts for more than 35 days then it is a matter of concern about after 40 years of age, it is common to have irregular menstruation cycle because a woman is reaching towards the Menopause.
Consuming a lot of oily food, gaining weight, abruptly losing weight, consuming contraceptives in large quantities, infections, allergy, diabetes, thyroid, endometriosis, acidity can cause irregular menstruation.
Teenage and young adult girls should opt for less Chinese food as it contains components like asafoetida and MSG which causes problems during menstruation.
Stay alert to your symptoms and stay healthy!

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