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food additives|Are Food Additives Safe for human Consumption?

What is Food Additive?

Food additives are substances added to food in small quantities to improve their functional properties, freshness, sensory and nutritional qualities for as processing aids in the manufacture of food, and others, a preservative in character as well. Although basic foods contain no additive when the food is processed and manufactured and turns int separate products then food additives are used. At present 2500 foo additives are used intentionally in the food products.

 List of Food Additives /Food Additive Classification:

  •  preservatives 
  • common antioxidants
  •  emulsifiers
  •  stabilizers
  •  thickness
  •  buffering agents
  • bleaching and maturing agents
  •  food colors
  •  flavoring agents
  •  flavor boosters
  •  nutrient supplements
  • the non-nutritive and special dietary sweetness
  •  anticketing agents
  • forming antifoaming agents 
  •  leavening agents 
  • forming agents
  •  humectants and texturizers and 
  • clarifying agents. 

Codes For Food Additive:

The joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission(1973) issued 6 general principles for the food additives; these are:
  • All actual or proposed food must be tested and evaluated toxicologically in all pertinent aspects including cumulative, synergistic, and potentiating effects.
  • Only food additives that are safe at the level of intended use should be recommended.
  • All food additives should be revealed in the light of the latest information on their use and safety.
  • Food additives should always conform to the approved specifications of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
  • Justification of the use of food additives may be one of the following, consistent with safety requirements and if no other economical or technical means are available:
  1. Preservation of nutritional quality of food. Reduction in nutritive value of food is justified for consumers with special dietary needs, or when the food is not a significant item in the diet.
  2. Usage for specific food required by the consumer with special dietary needs. Enhancement of keeping quality, stability and organoleptic properties of food provided, does not drastically change the nature and quality of the food so as to receive the consumer.
  3. used as an aid in food production, transport and storage, provided no deception as to faulty raw materials or undesirable practice or technique is intended.
  • temporary or permanent approval of the use of a food additive must be considered in the light of
  1. Limitation to specific foods, its purpose and condition of use.
  2. The lowest level is necessary to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Acceptable daily intake or ADI for human equivalent assessments and probable daily intake from all sources, taking into consideration the probable index of special consumer groups.

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