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Manufacturing of sugar in sugar processing plant|Industrial processing of sugar

Sugar from sugarcane:

Manufacturing of sugar in sugar processing plant|Industrial processing of sugar
Sugar Crystals

           Manufacturing of sugar in a sugar processing plant or the industrial processing of sugar is very easy and contains some easy steps to do it but first, let's talk about some general facts about sugar. Sugar is a term to which everybody familiar. In our daily life we use a lot of sugar while cooking, making of sweets, drinking tea of coffee, etc. but have you ever imagined how sugar is prepared in the white crystal structure? If you haven't then let's discuss it.
            Sugar is basically a soluble carbohydrate that is used as food. According to the structures, sugar can be classified as simple sugar(glucose, fructose and galactose) and compound sugar(sucrose, maltose and lactose). All the sugars can be obtained naturally from plant sources except for lactose which is present in the milk. There are four types of sugar obtained after processing-white refined, unrefined, unprocessed cane and brown sugar.

Following is the industrial process of sugar processing from sugarcane:
  • First of all harvested sugarcane trees are cut and loaded in the transport van. This transport van comes to the sugar processing plant where sugar is prepared from sugarcane juice. Then those transport vans unload the van full of sugarcane at the large receiving area of the sugar processing plant.
  • From there sugarcanes arrest twice to remove the dirt as much as possible so that least impure juice can be extracted from sugarcane. 
  • Now the conveyor takes all the sugarcanes into the crushing machine where all the sugarcanes are crushed into small pieces so that the juice can be extracted as much as possible.
  •  After crushing it goes into the milling machine where five or more series of mills are situated which helps to extract the juice. After the juice is extracted, it is separated from the bagasse which is the left out of sugarcane after juice extraction. 
  • Before it goes for further processing a sample is collected and several testings are done in the lab. For example, a thickener is mixed with juice. It helps to bind the importance of the juice and then filter it with filter paper by vacuum filtration and then filtered juice is poured into polarimeter, a machine that measures the concentration of the sugar.
  •  After the lab testing, the juice is treated with Sulphur dioxide and the process is called sulphitation which helps to bleach the juice and then the juice goes through a pH measuring device which indicates the pH level of the juice. 
  • In the meantime in a separate vat lime solution prepared by using powdered lime and water and juice is mixed with the line solution and agitated the mixture for 6 hours. This process is called alkalization. In this process, continuous agitation helps to regulate the deuce page level and clarify the juice and also change the color of the juice from brown to yellow. 
  • In the next process, the juice goes to a bigger clarifier tank where more clarified juice is obtained when impurities in the juice settle down at the bottom of the tank. To see this method, a sample is taken in a test tube from the tank and observed it, when it settles down in that test. According to the engineers, the smallest sample in the test tube is the exact replica of the bigger portion in the tank. So when all the impurities settle down in the test tube engineers then can understand the process is also completed in the bigger portion of it. 
  • Then the pure sugarcane juice goes to the series of evaporation where the juice is concentrated so that sugar level can reach up from 15% to 60%. 
  • After concentrating the juice, again it goes for further clarification. In this clarification process, the juice turns into the dark brown colored syrup with high consistency. 
  • Then a milky solution of sucrose and alcohol mix into the syrup and mix it vigorously. This milky solution helps to bind with the sugar present in the syrup and will help to draw it out. 
  • Then this mixture is boiled in the evaporator and turned into a golden brown paste which only contains sugar(water vapors away from the syrup). 
  • After obtaining the thick paste, it goes into a high-speed centrifugal machine where sugar crystal is separated from the paste. This process produces raw sugar which contains molasses, slightly brown in color and also unbleached. If the sugar is further treated and bleached then produces white sugar which has fewer molasses and white in color. After this process sugar goes into a drying chamber where the humidity of the sugar brings down to 0.02% which is ideal for table sugar.
 This is how sugar is processed in the sugar processing plant.
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