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Production Process of Fresh jujube jam|Ber Fruit Jam-Jam

Green Unripe Ber fruit

What is Ziziphus mauritiana?

Ziziphus mauritiana is a Chinese date or Chinese apple or Indian jujube or Indian plum. It is a small tree with round or oval-shaped green fruit. It changes its color from green to dark brown when it becomes ripe. Nowadays in India, a larger size of dates can be found in the market. It is said to be originated from Indo-
Ripe Ber Fruit
Malaysian region in South Asia. In India, it is often called
Ber fruit. To prepare jam from this fruit we have to use smaller ones and also it should be fully ripe too.

          On the other hand, the jam is a semi-solid food material prepared by cooking the fruit pulp with sugar which is squeezed and tightly packed in a specified space. According to FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), a fruit jam should contain  45% pulp, 65% TSS(Total Soluble Solids), 5g Citric acid and 40 ppm SO2 as a preservative(if needed).

Why ber fruit is used?

  • Traditionally Ber fruits are used as a medicine for insomnia, a sleeping disorder syndrome. 
  • It helps in improving bone the strength of our body. 
  • It also helps to maintain our body's blood pressure.
  •  It helps in proper regulation of blood circulation.

Preparation of Ber Fruit Jam:

Materials Required:-

 1. Fresh ber fruits, 2. Stainless steel knives, 3. Sieve, 4. Induction Oven, 5. Weighing machine, 6. Measuring Cylinder, 7. Burette,     8. Pipette, 9.100ml conical Flasks, 10. Burette Stand, 11.Sodium hydroxide 0.1 (N), 12.Distilled water, 13. Phenolphthalein indicator, 14.Sugar, 15.Methanol, 16. Sterilized glass jar, 17.Tray drier, 18.Stainless steel utensils.

Process Overview:-

1. Fully ripened fresh fruits should be taken.
2. Fruits are then to be boiled in water.
3. Fruits are to be boiled till the surface bursts out and gets opened.
4. After that the fruit pulp should be separated manually by sieving.
5. A small amount of pulp is to be taken and it will be titrated using standard sodium hydroxide solution and standard oxalic acid for determination of acidity.
6. The volume of the pulp obtained is measured.
7. The pectin content is measured using methyl alcohol.
8. After that the required amount of sugar and citric acid was added.
9. All the ingredients were now mixed together and cooked at 104°C.
10. By spoon test and drop test it was confirmed that the final product is ready.
11. The total soluble solids(TSS) content was measured by using a refractometer.

Analysis of Beta carotene content of the finished product( Ber fruit Jam):-

1. In 25 ml methanol 5 gm of the jam was put and mixed and kept in darkness at room temperature for five hours.
2. The Carotene layer was separated by using ethanol as a solvent for extraction using the Soxhlet apparatus for four hours.
3. After separation of pigment layer it was boiled on a water bath to remove the excess ethanol present.
4. Ethanol was taken as a blank setup.
5. The sample was observed at a wavelength of 436 nm using a UV-vis Spectrophotometer.

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