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"The extra ordinary Green Egg Yolk" found at a farm in kerala

We are very familiar with egg yolks which are normally yellow in colour. The egg yolk is basically a huge source of lecithin and egg oil too. Normally the egg yolk contains lutein and zeaxanthin pigment, which are yellow and orange in colour. These pigments are also known as xanthophylls. So this xanthophyll pigment is responsible for yellow colouration in egg yolk. But have you ever imagined green coloured egg yolk? Well, you all are probably imagining that green colour might be possible if the egg has spoiled due to microorganism activity. Actually, this is a true fact that Green colour may take place due to Green Rots Pseudomonas fluorescence. Although in this type of spoilage egg white becomes a bright green colour. Apart from this scrambled eggs turns green colour in a cast of the iron skillet and sometimes boiled eggs can turn green due to the reaction between the sulfur present in white and iron in the yolk but these two type is harmless.
All these are familiar but we are not familiar that chicken laying eggs with the green yolk. This sounds impossible but it is true. Seven chicken in the poultry farm of shihabudeen of kottakal in Malappuram left everyone in shock by laying eggs with the green yolk. Raw and cooked eggs show no change in yolk colour as it stays green. The chicken is smaller in size than normal chickens.
According to shihabudeen, 9 months ago first noticed that one of is chicken laid this special type of yolk. Primary he was surprised and assumed that either the chicken had any disease or there was some problem with the poultry feed. But that's not the reason for this miracle. There are several species of chicken in the shihabudeen's farm and it is assumed that due to cross-breeding and changes in the genes in the chickens this green eggs occurred. However, this miracle needs further scientific study. Although this might be possible that there is some metabolic changes like mutation took place in these chickens. So some specific enzyme for chlorophyll metabolism might be missing. As they are eating green leaves from which unbroken chlorophyll might be reaching to the egg yolks.

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